Socomec MASTERYS GP4 RK 10 to 40 kVA/kW

Tailored protection for Edge computing  from 10 to 40 kVA/kW

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Whilst organisations are outsourcing to colocation and cloud service providers, they are also

investing heavily in local Edge computing to meet new and evolving requirements: data security,

analytics, maintaining control of mission-critical applications, IoT development programmes and

augmented reality experience.

System features

  • Dual input mains.
  • Internal maintenance bypass switch.
  • Input mains switch breaker.
  • Output switch breaker.
  • Auxiliary mains switch breaker.
  • Backfeed protection: detection circuit.
  • Power walk-in ramp for full compatibility with generators.

Standard communication features

  • 5” multilanguage graphic display.
  • 2 slots for communication options.
  • USB port for downloading UPS report and log file.
  • Ethernet port for service purposes.

System options

  • 3-phase input without neutral.
  • Internal backfeed isolation device.
  • Common mains coupling bars.
  • TN-C grounding system.
  • ACS synchronisation system.

Datasheet MASTERYS GP4 RK 10 to 40 kVA/kW