Socomec MODULYS RM GP 25 to 75 kVA/kW

Rack-mounted modular UPS system from 25 to 75 kVA/kW

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The solution for

>Integration in 19” standard rack cabinets

>Computer rooms

>Data centers

>Edge Computing


>Healthcare facilities




Full rack integration

  • Designed for easy and no-risk integration in 19” rack cabinets.
  • Total compatibility with any 19” standard rack cabinet.
  • High power density.
  • Easy to manage, integrate and customise.
  • Flexible simplified cabling.

Overall cost optimisation

  • Time saving integration process.
  • No risk of cost and budget overruns.
  • Compact solution saving valuable space.
  • Simplified logistics.
  • Easy integration: avoids costly set-up and reworking.

Totally redundant design

  • N+1 redundancy level.
  • Designed for no single point of failure.
  • No centralised parallel control.
  • Totally independent power modules.

Standard electrical features

  • Dual input mains.
  • Internal maintenance bypass.
  • Backfeed protection: detection circuit.
  • EBS (Expert Battery System) for battery management.
  • Auto battery test.
  • Battery temperature sensor.

Standard communication features

  • User-friendly 7” touch-screen multilingual colour graphic display.
  • 2 slots for communication options.
  • USB port to download UPS report and log file.
  • Ethernet port for service purpose.
  • Commissioning wizard.

Datasheet MODULYS RM GP 25 to 75 kVA/kW