Socomec MODULYS XL 200 to 4800 kVA/kW

The ultimate modularity for the most critical environments from 200 to 4800 kVA/kW



The MODULYS XL is a modular UPS based on 200 kW power modules. The power of a single

UPS unit can be increased up to 1200 kW and the system can include up to 4 units in parallel.

The innovative MODULYS XL concept allows for the constant protection of the load in online

mode, whether to respond to load growth or to manage all aspects of the system’s lifecycle, in a

secure way and with impressive rapidity.

Associated with a variety of adapted Services, the MODULYS XL provides unprecedented

availability and flexibility to fulfil the requirements of today’s highly critical applications.

The solution for

>Data centres



Strong points

> 3 standard bricks for your

very own system

>5-minute plug-in

>Safe and easy deployment

>Concurrent and risk-free maintenance

Compliance with standards

>I EC 62040-1

>IEC 62040-2

>IEC 62040-3

>IEC 62040-4

Standard electrical features

  • Separated inputs (rectifier, bypass).
  • Top or bottom cable entry.
  • Backfeed protection: detection circuit.
  • Redundant bypass cooling.
  • Distributed batteries (1 per module).
  • Battery temperature sensor.
  • Module heat-run test(3).
  • Full system heat run test(3).
  • 63 A three-phase plug.

Standard communication features

  • User-friendly 7” touch-screen multilingual colour graphic display (Power Hub).
  • Tricolour display with a number indicating the Power Module status (Power Slot)
  • 2 slots for communication options.
  • USB port to download the UPS reports and log files.
  • Ethernet port for service purposes.

Datasheet MODULYS XL 200 to 4800 kVA/kW