Inspur NF5260M6/FM6

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Data center optimized server with on-demand front and rear I/O options.

Rackmount server optimized for data centers.

The 2U dual-socket NF5260M6/FM6 server features 2 Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel Optane Memory 200. It supports on-demand front and rear I/O configurations and a flexible, modular design that can respond to various Internet applications, making it an ideal choice for data centers.

Flexible I/O Design

It has no onboard PCIe slot and can satisfy non-PCIe I/O customization. The motherboard supports up to 2 x hot-pluggable OCPs, freeing up more I/O resources while ensuring uninterrupted network services.

Extreme Architecture

A unique front I/O design presents innovative ways to isolate the cold and hot aisles in the data center, which increases the lifecycle of heat-sensitive components, facilitates maintenance, and effectively solves the wiring problem in the data center.

Rack-Scale Deployment

Centralized power supply modules and CRPS power supplies can be switched freely to support the stand-alone node and rack-scale delivery, ensuring worry-free deployment.

Innovative Cooling

The liquid cooling solution reduces PUE in the data center to the limit. There are two different cooling solutions: air cooling or liquid cooling, which customers can choose as needed.

Inspur Server NF5260FM6 User Manual


Inspur Server NF5260FM6 User Manual

Inspur Server NF5260M6 User Manual


Inspur Server NF5260M6 User Manual