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General-purpose rackmount storage server

NF5466M6 is a 4U dual-socket storage server featured by high storage capacity, robust computing performance and excellent I/O expansion. It is designed for scenarios such as warm/cold data storage, video surveillance storage, big data storage, cloud storage pool, etc.

Key Features

– Extensive Storage Capacity into Multiple Tiers

Support up to 46×3.5-inch drives and an extraordinary storage capacity of up to 828TB (18TB per drive) to meet the needs of local data storage.

A maximum of 16 x hot-pluggable NVMe SSDs allows high-capacity data cache and provides ten times the IOPS of high-end enterprise-class SATA SSDs. The ultimate storage IO brings a leap in storage performance and is an excellent choice for storage tier strategy.

Support up to 16 x DCPMMs and each has a maximum capacity of 512GB, which ensures data integrity without degrading memory capacity and bandwidth in the event of system shutdown.

-Powerful Computing Performance to Support AI Computing

The 4U space supports 2 x Gen3 Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, up to 40 cores per CPU (increased by 1.42 times), and 270W TDP. The overall performance is improved by 46%.

Support heterogeneous computing acceleration and up to 2 x FHFL GPUs or 8 x FHHL GPUs to meet the IVA (image and video analysis) application.

-Highly Scalability and Flexible Expansion

Support up to 13 x PCIe slots, an increase of 62% compared to the previous generation and further enhancing I/O expansion capability.

Support a variety of storage, I/O, network and GPU combinations, which satisfies different application scenarios and allows the user to configure as needed.

-Reliable and Green

NF5466M6 adopts a reliable and safe design scheme and supports anti-vibration, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, hot plug, etc. Also, it has undergone rigorous stability, performance, and heat dissipation tests to ensure stable operation. Support a set of energy-saving technologies, such as intelligent fan speed regulation and power management, energy-effi-cient hard drives, automatic PSU hibernation. Meanwhile, Inspur power management suite helps the user with real-time power consumption monitor and control.

Inspur NF5466M6 specification


Inspur NF5466M6 specification