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High-density server with a three-tier storage architecture to support a variety of storage workloads.

Delivering high-density storage and high compute performance for big data.

NF5266M6 is a 2U dual-socket storage server that adopts an innovative three-tier storage architecture. It features improved and optimized storage and compute performance, flexible configuration, and intelligent management. This storage 2U is suitable for big data, CDN, hyperconvergence, distributed storage, etc.


– High-density Storage

2U chassis supports up to 24 x 3.5-inch drives, which is an increase in storage density by 116% compared to the traditional 2U 12-drive model. Excellent cache capacity (SSD: HDD=1:3) meets the requirement of massive and high-density storage and large cache size.

-Robust Performance

2x 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors deliver a 44% boost to compute performance compared to the previous generation, in order to meet the growing demand for compute power in big data analysis.

-High Bandwidth

75% increase in I/O expansion capability. PCIe4.0 transfer rate is doubled, reaching up to 16GT/s. Support of 200Gb network ensures low-latency.

-Intelligent Environment Sensing

Software and hardware design enables real-time monitoring of the temperature, airflow, and air pressure of the operating environment, deploying intelligent cooling strategy. This improves the service life of the drive and ensures the storage server is in the optimal operating state.

NF5466M6 specification


NF5466M6 specification